PC261173 s garden

Before planting

  • Keep the pots in a cool, well-lit, shady place.
  • Water the plants each morning or evening or when dry. Potting mixes often contain a high proportion of pine bark. These mixes need to be kept moist, or they may become water repellent. That's why plant nurseries water their plants often.

At planting

  • Make sure the top of the plant rootball is at the soil surface.
  • Use a slow release native plant fertiliser.
  • Most native plants respond to fertiliser as long as it contains no phosphorus or low phosphorus.

After planting

  • Mulch around the plant, especially if you have planted it in a sunny position, to reduce soil dryness, keep it cooler in summer, and reduce weed growth. Keep the mulch away from stem of the plant to prevent collar rot.
  • Water daily for a week, and then weekly or as required. Water thoroughly at spaced intervals rather than giving a frequent, light sprinkling. A good soaking once a fortnight in summer or once a week in very hot dry weather works better than two or three light sprinklings a week.
  • Tip prune to encourage a bushy plant with more flowers.