Thursday, 10th August,2017 7.30 pm**

ANBG Theatrette, Clunies Ross St, Black Mountain.

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Blitzing the Bush

Guest Speaker: Dr Brian Hawkins

Bush Blitz is Australia’s largest nature discovery project – a unique multimillion dollar partnership between the Australian Government through Parks Australia and the Australian Biological Resources Study, BHP Billiton Sustainable Communities and Earthwatch Australia to document plants and animals across Australia.

Since the program began in 2010 Bush Blitz has discovered more than 1,000 new species and has added thousands of species records to what is already known, increasing our scientific knowledge to help us protect our biodiversity for generations to come.

There are many plants and animals still to be discovered by science. There are an estimated 580,000-680,000 species in Australia, but three-quarters of this biodiversity is yet to be identified. Forty-five per cent of continental Australia and over 90per cent of our marine area have never been comprehensively surveyed by scientists.

Bush Blitz involves specialist taxonomists, indigenous communities, rangers and landowners, teachers, students and BHP Billiton employees. Together they are making an Extraordinary contribution to the protection of our country’s natural heritage.

Dr Brian Hawkins

Bush Blitz Senior Project Officer - Data Manager

Brian’s work for Bush Blitz includes: making maps, planning expeditions and choosing survey sites with GIS (Geographic Information System) technology; using survey gap modelling to

inform the selection of future Bush Blitz locations; collating and distributing data;educating the public through tours, talks and articles; and leading/assisting with expeditions, both in the field and in the preparatory stages.

Prior to joining Bush Blitz in 2014, Brian spent 10 years working as an ecologist and educational ranger in northern NSW. During this time he also completed a doctoral thesis on the landscape

ecology of forest birds. Brian has an honours degree in Environmental Science and University Medal from the University of NSW, and a PhD in Ecology from Monash University.

He likes to squeeze in a bit of sneaky birdwatching when he can.


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