Members Meeting

Thursday, 8 February 2018
7.30 pm** note ANBG access times below.

ANBG Theatrette,

Clunies Ross St, Black Mountain.

** Please note - our gate minder will open the ANBG gates at 6.50pm and close them at 7.35pm so (s)he can attend the meeting.

There will be a ‘Christmas supper’ in the Dickson Room. Please bring a plate to share.

December Raffle prizes

The plants will be supplied by: member growers, John Robertson, Linda Tabe and Ian Tranter.

Show and Tell

Please bring along any plant material or pot plants you think we would find interesting and like to see.

Reminder it is important to bring any Myrtaceae specimens into ANBG in plastic bags.


Guest Speaker:

Meeting Talk: Adventures in Grasslands Guest Speaker: Geoff Robertson President of Friends of Grasslands,

Geoff’s presentation will focus on the richness of grasslands in our region and the beauty and diversity of grasses, daisies, orchids, peas, many other plant species, and grassland flora.

Geoff will also discuss the different types of grasslands and grassy woodlands; management issues: grazing, fire, weeds and feral animals, urban encroachment, lack of image & resources; using traditional Aboriginal land management issues; grasslands, their management and associated advocacy issues; and grassland plants in the home gardens, weed watch and Canberra Nature Map.


150303 coverAustralian Plants for Canberra Region Gardens and other Cool Climate Area

Extensively revised 5th edition, now into its second printing

934 plants described with photographs

342 pages (176 x 250 mm), sample pages below

RRP $30.







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