Thursday, 13th April, 7.30 pm**

ANBG Theatrette, Clunies Ross St, Black Mountain.

** note ANBG access times below.

Guest Speaker: Chris Lloyd


Helping the little blokes back into the housing market: the case of the White-faced Storm Petrel

Chris Lloyd swapped a thirty year career in labour market economics for the obvious financial advantages of ornithology. Specialising in seabirds and endangered species husbandry he now divides his retirement between working on offshore islands, Powerful Owls and being a house husband.

For the last decade he has worked with NPWS in seabird monitoring and habitat restoration.

For a few years one of the targets of this work is a little bloke the size of a Noisy Miner called the White-faced Storm Petrel.

This bird faces the usual key threatening processes that afflict all other pelagic species including the ‘out of sight out of mind’ phenomenon but one of its key problems is the attitude of one its ordinal mates, the Wedgetail Shearwater, to the issue of breeding real estate.

  Chris’ talk will try to explain what role we are playing in this housing competition and what the hell is the plant connection.

** Please note - our gate minder will open the ANBG gates at 6.50pm and close them at 7.35pm so (s)he can attend the meeting.