Members Meeting

Thursday, 14 December 2017
7.30 pm** note ANBG access times below.

ANBG Theatrette,

Clunies Ross St, Black Mountain.

** Please note - our gate minder will open the ANBG gates at 6.50pm and close them at 7.35pm so (s)he can attend the meeting.

There will be a ‘Christmas supper’ in the Dickson Room. Please bring a plate to share.

December Raffle prizes

The plants will be supplied by: member growers, John Robertson, Linda Tabe and Ian Tranter.

Show and Tell

Please bring along any plant material or pot plants you think we would find interesting and like to see.

Reminder it is important to bring any Myrtaceae specimens into ANBG in plastic bags.


Guest Speaker:

Roger Farrow

Roger is a field naturalist who observes how plants and animals interact in their natural environment. After a career in entomology, Roger joined ANPS to further his identification skills of native plants. He has also travelled extensively with the UK Alpine Garden Society to further his world knowledge of alpine plants. With Ros Cornish, he produced the plant profile on local Pomaderris sp for the ANPS website. Last year he published his ‘Guide to the Insects of South-eastern Australia’ and is currently investigating the interactions between insects and flowers.

Meeting Talk: Wild Madagascar

Although Madagascar is only the world’s 45th largest country, it is only second to Australia in terms of endemic vascular plant and vertebrate families. Of its 11,000 plant species, 90% are endemic and there are 320 endemic plant genera (20% of all native genera), with more still to be discovered. 


150303 coverAustralian Plants for Canberra Region Gardens and other Cool Climate Area

Extensively revised 5th edition, now into its second printing

934 plants described with photographs

342 pages (176 x 250 mm), sample pages below

RRP $30.







The biennial conference of our national body, the Australian Native Plants Society (Australia),

will be held in Hobart from 15-19 January 2018.

Here's the preliminary program