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Plant Sale
Our Autumn sale was held on Saturday the 17th of March, at the Australian National Botanic Gardens.

It was another very successful event, on a lovely autumn day that started with some early rain.

Our sales are held twice a year, in March and October.

Plant lists for the March 2018 sale

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Monthly Meeting
Thursday the 12th of April

Guest Speaker: Dr Racheal Fowler

Meeting Talk: Phylogeny of Australian arid genus Eremophila and allied genera using high-throughput sequencing technology.

Eremophila is a dominant genus in Australia’s arid zone, with over 200 currently described species and a long list of putative species awaiting description. The focus of Racheal’s PhD research was to reconstruct a molecular phylogeny of Eremophila and tribe Myoporeae using the latest genomic sequencing technology, to better understand how species in this group relate to one another.

7.30 pm** note ANBG access times below.
ANBG Theatrette,
Clunies Ross St, Black Mountain.

** Please note - our gate minder will open the ANBG gates at 6.50pm and close them at 7.35pm so (s)he can attend the meeting.
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