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Plant Sale
Our Autumn sale was held on Saturday the 17th of March, at the Australian National Botanic Gardens.

It was another very successful event, on a lovely autumn day that started with some early rain.

Our sales are held twice a year, in March and October.

Plant lists for the March 2018 sale

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Monthly Meeting
Thursday the 8th of March

Guest Speaker: Warwick Varley

Eucalypts of the urban environment

Warwick will be using his experience as an arborist to talk to us about eucalypts in urban environments. This presentation will include discussion about a composite of different common urban species and the idiosyncrasies associated with each species, as far as habit, issues associated with structure, pest / disease, past use, etc.

7.30 pm** note ANBG access times below.
ANBG Theatrette,
Clunies Ross St, Black Mountain.

** Please note - our gate minder will open the ANBG gates at 6.50pm and close them at 7.35pm so (s)he can attend the meeting.

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